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October 26, 2012
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You had just finished another grueling long day of work, even though you were quite tired, you actually wanted to go the nearest bar. It was the best way to forget about all of the day's worries; not that you were the type to dwell on the past for long. You inhaled in the cool night air as you walked, stuffing your hands into your pockets. Cold nights were always the worst to be alone on, just once you would have liked to have someone to cuddle up next to on the couch. But you weren't having much luck in that department.

Coming upon the closest bar, removed a hand from your pocket and opened the door. Your nose was hit with the strong sent of beer and classic bar food. You walked in, unzipping your jacket as you walked up to the bar table.

"What can I get you?" the bartender asked, cleaning a glass.

You stared at her for a moment, thinking about it. "Gin and tonic." You replied, not really caring that it wasn't that fancy of a drink.

The bartender nodded, walking off to get your drink. She returned a minute later, setting your drink down in front of you. "Thanks." You said, picking up your glass and turned to face the crowd of people.

Your (eye color), fell onto a young blonde male sitting by himself, you raised your brow at the sight uncertain as to why he was alone since there was a crowd around him. A smile crossed your face as you made your way over to him. You pulled out the chair next to him before sitting down. "How come you're sitting here by yourself?"

The Canadian looked at you with a confused looking his face before he frantically looked around. "M-me?" he asked shyly, pointing to himself. He was a little confused since most would just ignore him and act as if he wasn't even there.

You nodded, "Yes you. Who else would I be talking to?"

He shrugged, looking down at the table. "N-no ever notices me." He mumbled.

You raised your brow at his statement. You moved your (hair color/length) out of your face before taking a drink. "By the way, I'm (Name). It's nice to meet you." You figured it would be best to introduce yourself to him.

"I-I'm…Matthew Williams." He replied, looking up at you.

You have him a smile. It was nice to get a good look at his face. You did find him cute with his blonde hair and blue eyes that were hidden behind glasses. Though, you had a strange urge to want to touch the curly ahoge that was hanging from the top of his head. "Pleasure. So Matthew, why are you just sitting here?"

Matthew looked over at the group of guys he had arrived with before looking back at you. "I-I…told you…n-no notices me. T-they forget I'm here."

You frowned a bit at his statement before smiling. You reached your hand out and grabbed a hold of his. "I've got a great idea, since you say they forget you're here…come with me to my house. Don't worry; I'm not going to do anything weird to you. We can watch a movie and have some dinner or whatever you'd like."

At first he was hesitant to go with you but you had managed to convince the shy young man to go home with you. It seemed from the time you had gone into the bar and left again it had gotten colder out. You looked over at Matthew, who was wearing a long coat, a scarf around his neck that was pulled up over his mouth, and hat that was pulled down almost over his eyebrows. You couldn't help but smile at how adorable he looked.

Matthew looked over at you, his cheeks red from the cold. He titled his head to the side, mumbling something. He removed a gloved hand from his pocket and pulled the scarf down a bit. "Eh?"

You looked away from him, regaining your composer. You didn't expect him to look that cute, it made your heart race. You looked at him, shaking your head. "It's nothing. Just seeing if you were alright, you looked like you were a little cold seeing how bundled up you are."

He shook his head, "N-no…just like it this way." He replied, putting the scarf back up over his mouth and placed his hands back into his pockets.

Reaching your house, you pulled your key out of your pocket. Putting it in the door knob, you unlocked the door, and pushed it open. Walking in, you removed the key and placed it on the key hook by the door. You turned to look at Matthew, "No need to be shy. Come on in."

He nodded his head, walking into the house and walked a little further into the house. He turned look back at the door as you shut it. Hesitantly, he removed his hat and scarf stuffing them into this pockets followed by his gloves. Unzipping his coat, he looked at you through his glasses. 'Why did he invite me over?' He still was a little nervous about your generosity and actually taking notice of him. He removed his coat and held it in his arms.

You pushed your shoes off while unzipping your jacket, looking over at him for a moment. Taking the jacket off, you reached out your hand towards him. "Here, I'll hang it up for you."

Matthew handed you his coat before removing his shoes. "T-thank you." He said softly.

You took his coat before walking into the house more, heading towards the closet. Opening it, you took out two hangers, placing yours and Matthew's coats them before putting them back. Shutting the door, you looked back at the shy Canadian by the door. "Take a seat and make yourself comfortable. Do you want some snacks for this movie?"

He followed behind you after you spoke. He walked towards the couch before sitting down. He looked around the room. "Uh…p-pancakes with maple syrup, is what I'd like."

You raised your brow at he said. You were a little confused at first but shrugged it off, going into the kitchen. You had no problem making pancakes; they'd act as supper for the both of you. After several minutes of prepping and preparing the pancakes you carried two plates into the living room, setting them down the coffee table in front of the couch. You sat down next to Matthew, reached to the side of the couch; you picked up the blanket that was there. Unfolding it you placed over your laps before leaning forward and grabbing the plates. "Here you go."

Matthew looked at you curiously before giving you a small smile before taking the plate. "T-thank you." He said softly before starting eat silently.

You picked up the remote, changing the channel to one of the movie channels to see what was on. You just decided to put a Christmas movie on; The Santa Clause. Once you turned the channel you sat the remote down and began eating your food.

Once the two of you were finished eating, you just placed your plates on the table in front of you, not wanting to miss the movie. You shifted a bit in your seat, taking a quick glance at the smaller man beside you. You moved your arm closest to him up onto the back the couch, moving yourself down a bit to relax a bit from eating.

Matthew moved a bit, rubbing his eyes. Though he was interested in the movie, he wasn't even sure what time it was and his body was telling him that it was getting tired. He looked over at you before allowing his head to fall onto your chest. Quickly he sat up straight before speaking, "I-I'm…sorry!" he said, though he barely went above a whispering even when yelling.

You smiled softly, moving your arm from the couch and put it around him. You pulled him back down against your chest, shaking your head. "No need. If you want to lay there you can."

He felt his cheeks heat up, moving himself a little closer to you to get more comfortable. He took a deep breath, taking in your scent. "T-thank you, (N-Name) for…being so kind."

You tilted her head to the side, resting it on his. "No need to thank me, Matthew. You gave me the one thing I wanted; someone to warm me up and cuddle with on cold nights." You replied, lifting your head up before kissing his blonde hair on the top of his head.
This one was requested by =MidorikawaNana, who was very interested in seeing a CanadaxReader from me. Plus, I'm trying to think on what to write for my PrussiaxReader.

This was inspired partly because sometime this weekend I'm supposed to get a huge snow storm (just what I always wanted). That's why it's cold out and Christmas movies are on.

Canada is such a cute character and I enjoyed writing him. As much as I think that Canada wouldn't go anywhere without Kumajirou, I don't think it was necessary for him to go to a bar with him.

Enjoy it though.

You: :iconcanadasparklesplz:
Canada: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story: =YukinaKou

Image I found it on Google .
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