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October 31, 2012
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Yesterday, you had thought it would have been a good idea to go outside and play in the snow that had fallen. As much as your best friend, Matthew Williams protested going outside with you, you managed to drag him a long. You had no regrets at the time; you were enjoying your day with him, even if he wasn't the best at snow ball fights. You had even decided to stay the night at his house so that the two of you could hang out more.

Now you were regretting going outside and staying at Matthew's house. You didn't want your friend to know you weren't feeling all that well, only because you didn't want him to worry about you.  Your (eye color) eyes were half lidded as you walked into the kitchen, staring at the Canadian making pancakes.

Matthew turned to face you, holding a plate his hand. He gave you a small smile, "Morning, (Name)." he said lowly. Soon his smile gave way to a frown. "Are you okay?"

You put your hand on your forehead, giving him a weak smile. "Don't worry about me, Mattie."

He put down the plate of pancakes and walked over to you. He grabbed a hold of your hand, removing it from your forehead. Shyly, he leaned up, pressing his forehead against yours, his cheeks turning a bright red from the gesture. "Y-you need to lie down."

With that, he backed away from you, grabbing your hand, and led you back to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, he sat you down the bed before helping you lay down. Matthew grabbed the blankets and pulled them over you. "I-I'm going…to take care of you."

You felt bad for becoming a burden to your friend when all you wanted to do was be closer to him. Now instead of spending the day laughing and whatever else, you were stuck in bed with a fever while Matthew took care of you. Lazily, you ran your hand through your (hair color & length), pushing it out of your face. The hotter your body got, the heavier your eyes got, to the point that you know longer knew if you were awake or asleep.

After what seemed like a couple of minutes, you opened your eyes at the feeling of something cool against your forehead. You turned your head a bit, coming face to face with Matthew. You blinked a couple of times, not certain if it was your imagination or not. "M-Mattie…what are you doing?"

Matthew pushed up his glasses a bit, looking at you with his blue eyes. "T-taking care of you, (Name), like I said I would." He said softly, removing the cloth for your forehead.

You couldn't help but smile. He was being so helpful to you in your time of need. Though, it still worried you that he would catch the fever you had by staying close to you. "Thanks, Mattie."

He nodded before standing up, his blonde hair falling into his face. "I-I'll get you something to eat." He said, making his way over to door. In truth, he wasn't certain what to get make you since he hadn't really made another other than pancakes with maple syrup. But he was willing to try anything to make you feel better.

"Mattie," you started, slowly sitting in bed. Your head was pounding, but that didn't matter to you at that moment. "Forget about the food. Just stay here with me."

Matthew turned around, biting his lip. Making his way back over to you, he felt his cheeks heat up. He stopped when he reached the bed. He grabbed a hold of the hem of the hoodie he was wearing and began playing with it. "W-why do you want me to stay?"

You looked at him, smiling a bit. You couldn't help it; he did look really cute at that moment.  You reached your hand out to him, grabbing a hold of his arm and pulled him down onto the bed. Instead of sitting on the bed, Matthew ended up in your lap. "I-I didn't mean for you to end up there, Mattie."

He quickly sat up, his face completely red before looking at you. "D-don't worry, (N-Name). I was the one who fell like that."

You reached your hands up to his cheeks, running your thumbs against his soft skin. Your eyes went to the curly ahoge, with the sudden urge to touch it; you moved one of your hands and took it between your thumb and index finger. Gently you tugged on it. "Mattie, have I ever told you how cute you look?"

Matthew was silent for a moment before letting out a small sound when you pulled on his ahoge. He shook his head at the question. "No. I-is the fever making you say funny things?"

You shook your head. It wasn't the fever that was making you do anything nor where you going to use it as an excuse. These were feelings that had been welling up inside of you for quite some time. You had actually planned on mentioning your feelings to Matthew this very weekend. "Why would you say that?"

"Y-you're just doing things…you've never done…" he replied.

You moved your hands down him, wrapping them around his back and pulled his close to you. "I've thought about it."

"What?" Matthew looked up at you.

Before answering him, you laid back down, pulling him with you. You rubbed your hand up and down his back, thinking how to word it. Though, you had a feeling that it was going to come out bluntly anyways. "I love you, Mattie. I never said anything about it before because I was worried it was going to ruin our friendship."

The Canadian was silent as he stared at you. Quickly, he buried his face into the crock of your neck. "Me too." He mumbled.

You raised your brow, putting one of your hands on the back of his head, playing with his blonde hair. "I didn't quite get that."

Matthew lifted his head up, swallowing hard. "Me too…I love you too, (Name)."

You leaned up a bit, kissing his forehead. "You're a good doctor, Mattie." you said, laughing a bit. You removed your hand from his hair and put it over your forehead. You had completely exhausted yourself with what little you had done. Now your fever was getting to you again, your eyes were feeling heavily once more before you had fallen asleep again.

Matthew leaned up a bit, kissing your lips softly. "I'll just stay here with you, (Name)." he said softly. He thought he'd be an even better doctor if he stayed by your side instead of leaving while you were asleep.
First off, Happy Halloween everyone!

Okay, this is the first of my many countryxreader requests. All of those requests will be done in no specific order. If I have an idea I'll write it. This was requested by my Canada-loving friend, *flashsteps.

She wanted a CanadaxSick!Male!Reader. No, you're not going to die or anything. You just have a very bad fever, you're still sick. It just goes show you, you don't need to be dying to have someone take care of you, especially if said person loves you.


You: :iconcanadasparklesplz:
Canada: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story: =YukinaKou
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